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As someone who is physically active, I'm used to feeling an occasional ache and pain. But sometimes those aches and pains last more than a few days, and I know I need to have them looked at. When it comes to the human body, pain in one place can sometimes be the result of somethinggoing on elsewhere in the body (poor movement patterns, a weak muscle, etc.). I've seen many Physical Therapists ove the years, and none seems to understand the complexitites of the human body as much as Russ Altman. Russ takes the time to test range of motion, strength, and movement patterns to properly diagnose and treat the patient. He always makes sure to explain things in plain english so that you know exactly what is going on and what the game plan is to treat it. Russ' treatments are extremely effective and have successfully resolved every single issue I've had. His excellent bedside manner and personality make each visit a pleaseant experience!

- Don S., Mountanside

After a long 6 months of pain, discomfort, and misdiagnosis, I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Russell Altman of ProActiveCare who immediately was able to assess and concur with my doctor and provide the nececcessary Physical Therapy needed to lessen the pain, keep the pain at a minimium and get me back on my feet and running. ProactiveCare in a short period of time has surprised me tremendously and helped move my injury forward towards resolution! Russell in a GEM and the staff at ProActiveCare are very accommodating which makes for a positive healing environment. I am so glad I found ProActiveCare!!!!! Thank You Russell and the staff at ProActiveCare!!!

- Geryalyn W., Gillette

I went to ProActiveCare for Physical Therapy and Russ Altman was the PT I worked with. I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of his field that he displayed. He helped with my shoulder which I injured as a result of dance. I can now go back to dancing and competeing because of his help! Thank You Dr. Russ....I recommed you to anyone in need of Physical Therapy!

- Danielle B., Millington