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Russell Altman, DPT

Dr. Russell Altman is a Physical Therapist who has been practicing for nine years.

He graduated from Columbia University with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA in 2002. He completed a variety of internships in different settings including sports, neurological and pediatrics.

He is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and has been certified as a strength conditioning specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Russell has experience and enjoys working with athletes, both pro and amateur and brings the same mindset when treating patients of all types. He excels with manual techniques and uses a critical eye to dissect patients' form when completing exercises to ensure correct posture to eliminate any chance of re-injury.

His area of interests includes gait and running mechanics, spine disorders, and shoulder and knee dysfunctions.

He lives in Berkeley Heights and enjoys spending time with his wife, Catherine and three young children, Molly, Joseph and Max.

Russell was drawn to his profession when he watched his father contract a rare neurodegenerative disorder and became involved with helping him move with his wheelchair.

“I think the experience made me very empathetic towards those who suffer from restricted movement and it also helped fuel my intense interest in the mechanics of how our bodies move,” he says.

When Russell is not working, he also enjoys exercising and keeping up with the latest in sports.

Glenn Mellusi D.C.

Chiropractic Physician Dr. Glenn Mellusi has been in practice since 1997 right here in Stirling.

He was born and raised in New Providence, NJ. After completing his undergraduate studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University, he attended New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, NY. In 1996, after completing his internship in Levittown, LI, Dr. Mellusi opened his practice in Stirling.

Dr. Mellusi is versed in several full spine chiropractic manipulative techniques such as Gonstead, Cox flexion-distraction and diversified. While he has clinical interest and special training in spine and disc disorders, headaches and neck pain, in recent years he has concentrated his practice more and more in treating low back pain.

He takes pride in knowing he can provide same day relief care to his patients and his goal is to get his patients out on their own as soon as possible, augmented with a good exercise program to prevent recurring pain.

Dr. Mellusi has been involved with a variety of sports throughout his life. He continues to enjoy playing golf but mostly he enjoys watching his three children participate in various sports and activities. Dr. Mellusi and his wife Denise have three children, Tori (16), Kayla (13) and Vincent (12).

He was drawn to his profession after sustaining a football injury that impacted his neck in high school. He sought relief from medical doctors and orthopedic doctors and was still plagued with pain. He finally was treated by a chiropractor and experienced such relief, he knew he wanted to train and be able to help people in the same way.